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I have been a Marine, soldier, diplomat, father, author, grandfather, EMT, flight medic, Peacekeeper, and so much more...

Animals want to learn how to speak so that they can then have conversations with me.

I am the charmer of innocent girls virginity and lover of big breasted wenches.

I have done things that would kill a normal man and probably cripple several small boys.

I have witnessed the miracle of birth and I have buried my dead.

I have survived two war zones, one divorce, seven surgeries, numerous car accidents, several teenage daughters and countless simulated or actual aviation mishaps.

So step-up, let's talk sex, politics, current events, history, or even my grandson, etc ...

In this dimension you still feel a deep seated need to label all that you see and feel. For that reason I shall respond to Karole.

My age has lost all importance. I am far older than you think and younger than you know.

If it will make you happy to demand that I have a specific sex, than in this incarnation I choose male, simply because I like having erections and for no other reason.

Oh, Yes, the main reason or purpose for my blog. I love women. I love the way a few wisps of hair on the nape of my love's neck can be the most erotic image in the world. I love the curve of her back. The swell of her breasts. To suck on my wife's nipples while I am stroking into her silky pussy is a surefire way to guarantee an orgasm. I love how a women with fine birthing hips will always have one sweet ass. There is nothing finer than when that pouty cleft dividing a women's legs finally makes its dewey appearance. I love the musky smell of my love's pussy when she is excited. She knows that if she wants me to go down on her all she has to do is drop her panties. I love the firmness of her bottom when I snug up against it when we spoon. When I was a young man I begged her to shave her short hairs so I could see her pussy in all her glory. Now that I am an older man, I find I enjoy a full bush, in a more natural look. I love the firmness of her thighs and the strong natural turn in her calfs.

I really enjoy Comic and Fantasy Art. Go ahead and visit my comic art blog @

I am also a disabled veteran. Although the Army and VA swear I developed Multiple Sclerosis, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Small Fiber Length Dependent Peripheral Neurapathy, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Bilateral Upper Extremity Paralysis, PTSD, etc... independtly of each other and indecently while I was also in the Persian Gulf. I personaly believe I have a case of Gulf War Syndrome.

In the end I am not worried, be happy, for the best is yet to come.

I know this because late at night God whispers to me. And, her voice is soft and husky with wanton desire.

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30th October 2012

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Shower dilemmas



Shower dilemmas

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